About Us

Welcome to Better Rush by Nifty Catch LLC!

We are three best friends who met in college and discovered we shared a common interest and passion for retail therapy; the excitement of a new product joining our lives brought the tingles! We believe in pioneering any product that can brighten your day or make your lives easier. We understand everyone has different tastes and that is why our store offers a large variety of products that hit the sweet spot for all of our customers!

However, we got sick of the online shopping experience, where trying to pay for the product was a struggle, no customer support was available and when the product arrived, it was the wrong size or color. What most upset us was how over priced products were that cost a fraction to make.

That is why after graduating from college we put our heads together to streamline the process it took to manufacture a product and to ship it directly to your doorstep. We understood that with fewer hands taking their share in between, the savings could then be passed on directly to the most important person in the chain, You

High quality, well-designed and durable products can be made available at sensible prices. Through our global network of supply & logistic partners we have acquired over the past 6 years of being in business and our highly cost-efficient supply chain; we cut out unnecessary overheads of traditional brick-and-mortar retail and bring products direct to our customers.



Manufacturer > Distributor > Wholesaler > Retailer > Customer


Manufacturer > Customer


To achieve such lean economics, we shorten our supply chain through the co-location of our business team with our upstream suppliers and logistic partners, utilizing technology and just-in-time processes to achieve scale economics. 

Better Rush is headquartered in the United States.